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Life Sciences Collaborative

The Life Sciences Collaborative (LSC) is a select group of founders and investors that share a common vision for enhancing the success of emerging businesses in the biotechnology, medtech, and digital health sectors through peer-to-peer learning, connecting and building professional relationships.  

The Collaborative has built thriving groups over the last ten years in the Princeton, NJ, Philadelphia/King of Prussia, PA, and most recently in Boston, MA, regions all of which are homes to leading life science innovation clusters.

One of the Collaborative’s great strengths is the opportunity for members to build connections across these key regions

Who we are

The Life Sciences Collaborative is a select group of industry veterans and executives from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors, and industry service providers who share a common vision of increasing the success of emerging life sciences businesses in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

LSC activities are built around small, informal, monthly breakfast educational and networking meetings. These sessions focus on topics around innovation and investment, including industry trends, practical issues related to growing and managing innovative businesses, and best practices.

The meetings also include presentations by emerging companies, providing them with opportunities to get expert feedback on their technologies and to expand their networks.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Life Sciences Collaborative is to promote connectivity among leaders in emerging life sciences businesses through networking, education, training, and mentorship with the goal of advancing professional development and business growth in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

LSC is a volunteer organization. It is neither sponsorship nor membership dues driven. If you are interested in participating in LSC’s monthly breakfast meetings, please contact us.


CEOs, Directors, Private Equity and Venture partners, Angel investors. Members may have successful track record leading public or private companies.

Steven A. Kantor–Co-chair

Executive Vice President, Principal

Steven Kantor is Executive Vice President and Principal of KEH...

Jordan Warshafsky Committee-Co-chair

Chief Executive Officer; Ashton Tweed

Martin Adelson

Chief Operating Officer; Genesis Biotechnology Group

Sina Adibi

Chief Executive Officer; Adaptive Clinical Systems

Arthur Alfaro

Chief Executive Officer; 21MedTech

Greg Ambra

Chief Executive Officer; DZS Clinical Services

Jim Berwick

Chief Financial Officer; Clarion Brands

Ken Blank, PhD

Chief Executive Officer; University Research Strategies

Joe Camaratta

Chief Executive Officer; Medtech Playbook

Dan Conley

Chief Executive Officer; OnCallCFO

Michael Daley

Chief Executive Officer; OrthogenRX

Robert Fesnak

Chief Executive Officer; Catapult Advisors, LLC

Stefano Fratarcangeli

President; Princeton Enlace, LLC

Ramesh Gopalan

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer; Ayma Therapeutics

Walter Greenblatt

Managing Director; Walter Greenblatt & Associates

Matthew Handel

President; ExpressCells

Laura Hong

President; Klus Pharma

Mohan Kabadi

Chief Executive Officer; DashPharma Consulting

Rashida Kamali, JD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer; Tactical Therapeutics

Barry Levinson Ph.D

Partner; Princeton Biopharma